RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

The Integration of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Knowledge and the Innovation Development

This article seeks to review the knowledge regarding the integration of activities with education management in various ways by utilizing the methods of analysis and categorization of official academic and research documentation to encourage learning in students. Study results have discovered that education management involves: 1) Integrating various activities in a study course to use as a base for learning said course. 2) Integrating the responsibilities of the education institute with various study courses, and 3) Integrating activities that has previously skipped study subjects in order to reflect the integration of activities in different kinds of education which can respond to the learning of students in specific courses. This article will show examples of arranging activities in different courses in a certain semester of the Bachelor Degree of Social Development in University of Phayao, which has a number of activities from individual study courses which are not connected to each other, resulting in a burden with setting up activities and wasting time for the students. These following problems caused the students to be unable to link up the knowledge in study courses via learning activities properly. This article seeks to point out that finding efficient methods to encourage the management of responsibilities and time and linking up the knowledge in study courses for students, and researching for develop the processes of integration of activities for different study courses in a certain semester will develop knowledge and also serves as an innovation of integration in education in a way.