RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

Invented Tradition, Theatre State and Imagined Community in Thai society: Development of Conceptualization

This article aims to: 1) review frontier of knowledge in invented tradition and theatre state in Thai society, and 2) develop and apply concepts of invented tradition and theatre state to examine imagined community in Thai society. Data collection was done using related document and literature. Results revealed that: 1) invented tradition in Thai society referred to a study regarding change of definitions in response to social change, and 2) theatre state was a study relevant to grandness of the state. Unfortunately, these two studies had not been examined and concatenated for applying in describing imagined community in Thai society. Therefore, this article discussed: 1) the imagined community which was defined by Thai society, and 2) local community which was able to develop their tradition implied with theatre state. This discussion reflected condition of imagined community overlapped with both state and local power. Furthermore, the discussion also recommended that integration of a study between invented tradition and theatre state could reflect performance and interaction between people, community, and the state in context of imagined community in modern Thai society.