RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

Into the Community of Entrepreneurs: The Eco-Political Chances and Advancement of the Fisherman of Kwan Phayao

This research article explores the following interests: 1) the advancement in beliefs and the relationships of fishing communities and the phenomena of fish rise/fish egging and 2) researching the chances and political economic influences of Kwan Phayao fishermen in historical contexts that can lead to adaption by fisherman groups via extensive research, including interviewing people with key information and group discussion. This research’s results have shown that Kwan Phayao fishermen seem to use the fish rise/fish egging phenomena to create a belief system in preserving Kwan Phayao and this leads to the adaptation of the roles from fishing into community enterprise group. This mentioned adaption was resulted by the interactions between the government and the private sectors in contexts of the history of the improvement of Kwan Phayao by impactors, nonconformists, collaborators and creators respectively. This research has suggested that the chances and political economic pressures in the improvement of Kwan Phayao have resulted in the fishermen attempting to manage their own groups by integrating all activities together such as the fishing economy, products, tourism, traditions and provincial policy. This reflects the change in the awareness of adjusting fishing into entrepreneurship.