RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

Meaning of ‘Livable City’ Construction: Phayao Identities in Music

This research use historical techniques to research on the creation of meaning of music that plays a role in economic and political change of Phayao for 7 previous decades. This research has uncovered that the peaceful image of Phayao that typically follows community culture, but is masked with fun, is created from the visions of the communitarism which formed, moved, and improved before inserting themselves to create the meaning of a livable Phayao from the past to the present day. By the power of the state, the middle class “outsiders” are chased into the power of the province, developing groups, elites classes and middle classes in the label “insiders”, respectively. The livable image of Phayao thus is the politics of the creation of meaning which is used to serve the creator. This research has informed that communities in cities which are created from music, will cause several different images in different musical genres to create new meanings to reflect problems and respond to the development of central power, but has been covered and is now lost in the present day and modernism. Livable Phayao has showed no noticeable differences but has became a part of the community image that the middle class and state has granted.