RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

The Change in Agricultural Machinery in ‘Jam Pa Wai’ Village and Readiness to be Smart Farming in the Economic Development Context, Phayao Province

This study has the objective to research about the change of agricultural machinery of farm plots from 2510-present BC in the context of improving the economy of Phayao, with quality-based research methods, including: In-depth interviews with local farmers of Jam Pa Wai Village, Phayao province and agricultural machinery shops in Phayao. This research has discovered that in decade 2540 BC, there is a change in the usage of agricultural machinery, by increasing their efficiency and speed by a significant amount, due to their relations that are connected to the developing economy of Phayao from a marketing economy which is an economy for commercial plants. But however, the rate of change in said agricultural machinery has a dull in adaptation into using smart agricultural technology using conditional production plans, the status of the farmer’s economy and the delay of body of knowledge, terms and smart agricultural technology.