RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

The Changing in the Cultivated Area and Usage of Fertilizers and Chemicals for the Agriculture of Maize Cropping in Phayao Province

This research about the changing in the Cultivated Area and the usage of chemicals for the agriculture of maize cropping in Phayao is goaled to learn about the change cultivated area of maize cropping in Phayao province, and to learn about the change and the negative influence towards the environment and health that the change of fertilizers and chemicals that poses. This research will be in a written form, from an example group: This one example is from 3 households who maize cropping in ‘Sò Village’, group 2, Tam Bon Mae Nar Loey, Muaang Phayao, Phayao province, by collecting information and statistics and interviews. From the research, it is discovered that maize cropping in Phayao increases and decreases from the demands of the market which increases, causing increasing sales in the agriculture industry, which results in increasing expansion of farming areas, in order. When maize cropping starts trending, this results in these products overflooding the market, and causing the demand to decrease and sales being cheap simultaneously, also causing decrease in farming area sizes and using these said areas to instead grow other crops which yields a more expensive price. From the demand of farmers who are in need of increased rate of production, causes the importing of fertilizers and agricultural chemicals. Farmers found out that using these said chemicals causes negative symptoms to the people's health and the environment. So, they decreased the use of chemicals and instead used organic fertilizers to get the production that they desire and negatively influence health and environment the most minimal.