RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

Executive Information System For School of Political and Social Science, University of Phayao

This research aims to develop an effective in information system, The Executive Information System (EIS) for School of Political and Social Science, University of Phayao. The main purpose of this research is to develop module-level of information system-based, SPSS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in which advancing the existing information system of the organization. Various type of data (workload, job description, etc.) obtained through ERP system was analysed and evaluated in order to properly represent. In developing EIS, which is the system develop on Web Application using PHP Framework (Laravel Framework) and MySQL Server for database, these above data will be presented in diagrams or tables. There data can be exported and saved for further use or store. This system is also designed to be compatible with different types of users, to get access to accurate, precise and effective data. This system is user friendly, therefore, the information will be generated, accessed and obtained at all times with any devices. The research results show user satisfaction after using the system. The system is easy to access and convenient to use. (High level, x̄ =4.40, S.D.=0.70). Menu categories are clear and easy. (High level, x̄ =4.30, S.D.=0.82). The system is attractive and modern. (High level, x̄ =4.30, S.D.=0.68). The report is attractive and modern. (Most levels, x̄ =4.50, S.D.=0.71). It is easy and convenient to access and export data. (High level, x̄ =4.30, S.D.=0.68). The information is useful, easy to apply to work and helpful in making decisions. (High level, x̄ =4.30, S.D.=0.82). The information received is complete, accurate and up to date. (High level, x̄ =4.40, S.D.=0.70). The information received is complete, correct and relevant (High level, x̄ =4.40, S.D.=0.70).