RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

The Development of Tourism of Social Capital In The Community Around Kwan Phayao, Phayao Province.

The research named “The Development of Tourism of Social Capital In the Community Around Kwan Phayao, Phayao Province” consisted of three objectives 1) to explore the social capital of the community around Kwan Phayao 2) to assess the potential of tourism around Kwan Phayao and provide suggestions for motivating tourism development and 3) to create a video and a travelling promotion manual of social capital in the community around Kwan Phayao. The study area covered 6 sub-districts, 29 villages around Kwan Phayao. This research was qualitative. The Data were collected from 2 sources including primary data from in-depth questionnaire, local leaders, local administrators, monks and well-knowledgeable people in Phayao totally 30 people by means of interviewing. Secondary data sources were obtained from documents and related research. Both data sources were synthesized to be social capital of the community around Kwan Phayao totally 28 items. After that, they were brought to three experts to evaluate by using the evaluation form of tourism attractiveness. The results showed that there were 24 social capital around Kwan Phayao attracting tourism at good and excellent levels. They were 1) Kwan Phayao 2) Complete waste management of Mae Sai Subdistrict 3) Beliefs of the people around Kwan 4) Traditions of Phayao 5) Way of life of Kwan Phayao local fishermen 6) Phaya Ngam Muang Monument 7) The celebration park of His Majesty King and Phayao Learning Park (Observatory) 8) Sutthiphak Ancient House 9) Hong Hian Kwan Phayao 10) Lan Muan Jai Nong Rabu 11) Krok Hin Ban Ngio 12) Knife Hitting at Ban Rong Hai 13) Kong Khao Ban San Bua Bok14) The ancient house pier at Thung Kio 15) Ban Rong Hai Archaeological Site 16) Ancient Wooden House 17) Phayao Amulet 18) Phayao Gamecock 19) Phayao-style brick construction 20) Molding (carving) Buddha images of Phayao mechanic. 21) National Sufficiency Economy Village 22) Water Hyacinth products "Chavawad" 23) Pickled fished at Ban Sang and 24) More than 100 year-Temples around Kwan Phayao (paying respect to 100 -year old Buddha for long live) The suggestions from this study were indicated that the results should be broadcasted through various types of mass communication including online to government agencies, private sectors and groups of people covering all ages in order to encourage tourism and overnight in Phayao Province.