RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

AI Age: If AI Stands Instead Human Being

In recent days, we cannot reject that we are stepping in to an “Artificial Intelligence Age” which have been created by human from diverse sciences to combine with other technologies until being high innovation. These artificial intelligences in technologies strongly influence to human daily life whether it be communication technology that connect the world to be small such as Facebook and Google, field of transportation like non – driver car, a car with non – fuel for movement, and fields of industry that use robotics instead of human works. As take it as, the artificial intelligence technologies in these innovations have huge benefit for humans. However in the other side, developed technology grows up quickly without research and plan in field of social science would impact to human society. Like it happened with massive world change from agriculture age to industrial age. Then the reconstruction impacted to many social sides such as labor problem, the acceptance of individual in society to new technology, epidemiology problem in some field that have not adjust to the developed technology. Therefore, this article aims to present about the history and basic knowledge of artificial intelligence. Moreover, it will bring research and articles that relate to this topic to analyze and synthesize to see the impact that would cause human society when it is in the period of change to super AI age or Superartificial Intelligence Age.