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School of Political and Social Science

University of Phayao

"Faculty of Political Science and Social Sciences Phayao University It is a newcomer in the periphery of seeking knowledge and on the path of determination. "Wisdom for the Strength of Community" of Phayao University "

1996 - 2002

 In 1996, Naresuan University started its first teaching at Phayao Pittayakom School, Phayao Province. In the year 1999, Naresuan University started teaching science and social sciences. Phayao Information Center moved to its present location and in 2002, the branch of social development was born under the jurisdiction of the School of Liberal Arts. And after only a year, the political science has split up with the faculty with the same degree.  

2003 - 2012

 In 2003, a special social development program was launched. However, this curriculum was closed at the end of the academic year 2556, but the subject of political science is also taught in the course Master of Public Administration. (Public Policy) in both Plan A and Plan B. It has been ongoing since 2008, and in 2012, the Bachelor of Science Special projects.  

2007 - 2010

 From the original Naresuan University Council resolved to change the name. "Naresuan University Phayao Information Campus "as" Naresuan University Phayao "on July 21, 2007, then on July 12, 2553 His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is graciously pleased. Then, on July 16, 2010, Naresuan University, Phayao was established. "Phayao University" by the Government Gazette. It is a government-run university that is not a full-fledged government agency. And the School of Liberal Arts The name was changed to the Faculty of Arts until now.  

2014 - Now

 Since the day Naresuan University has been experimenting with knowledge until today, 18 years ago, since the days of political science and social sciences, the subject has been flying under the bosom of the Faculty of Arts to date more than 10 years. Long enough to be sure. The social sciences are strong enough and ready to fly to seek knowledge and sow seeds of wisdom for the sake of community strength in their own way. Phayao University has announced the resolution of the Phayao University Council in 2014 to set up a new Faculty on behalf of the Faculty of Political Science and Social Sciences.