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Disruptive Technology reshapes human being, societies, roles and relations: the hypothesis of Technology Mediation

Nowadays, the phenomena of disruptive technology spread and impact on societies and human being around the world such as the changing of 1) newspaper to online newspaper, 2) Analog TV to Digital TV, 3) Mobile phone to Smart phone 4) department store to online shopping 5) machine to artificial intelligence or AI (Mungpattanasunthon, 2018) and also human reporter to AI reporter. Therefore, these modern inventions in communication 5.0 era would be the significant disruptive technology that transforms the world to new era because the experiences that will happen would not explain by only a single or the contemporary social theory anymore. The effects of changing would cause human being, life, societies and relations. From the past to the present, most of scholars in modern and post-modern era and also culture studies school have investigated technology as an object. However, phenomenology and postphenomenology concept represent that technology is not only a thing but also is a “Media” (Heidegger, 1977 and Ihde, 2009). These approaches suggest that technology shapes human – world relations in the hypothesis of “technology mediation” (Rosenberger and Verbeek, 2015). Consequently, to understand the influences of new media and the innovation of technology in this era, we need to understand how technology and innovation reshape societies and the world. This study aims to 1) represent the meaning and the situation of Communication 5.0 and Disruptive Technology 2) show the concept and theory of phenomenology and postphenomenology to explain the phenomena of the changing relations between human and technology 3) explore and evaluate the impacts of disruptive technology how it reshapes human being, societies, roles and relations.

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  • YEAR: 2019
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