RESEARCH School of Political and Social Science : University of Phayao

Types of health services from Chinese Medicine in Differential Contexts

This study has the objective to compare various types of health services for patients from two Chinese Medical health institutions. These two institutions are the Chinese Medical Clinic of Phayao University and Rehabilitation Centers of Phayao Hospital, by understanding the requirements and contexts that causes the patients to use different health services, using these following research methods: 1) Statistics-oriented research using documents from the users of both health institutions, and 2) In-depth interviews from randomly-selected users, one from each institute. This research has discovered that even though these users have received word-to-mouth information from both of the services of Chinese medical health institutions, but they have different contexts, such as age ranges, marital statuses, the accessibility of the users and the locales of these medical institutes, causing these two medical institutions to be visited by different users, in which the Rehabilitation Centers of Phayao Hospital has patients using services based on age, while the Chinese Medical Clinic of Phayao University has patients using services based on beauty. This research must summarize that, the locations of various health institutes which are associated with urban settings which have different population characteristics, will influence the types and the improvements to Chinese Medical health services in different ways.