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Drinking Alcohol Discourse and the Situation in Dimension of Women and Family: the Case Study of Phayao Province

This research article is the part of “Alcohol in Dimension of Women and Family: the Case Study of Phayao Province” research under the project of “Potation writing: social status in Phayao province”. The objective of this research article aims to study, analyse, and discuss the discourse of description and meaning of drinking alcohol in the different eras and social contexts. In order that, the research article has a hypothesis that “Difference or Changing of Ages, Contexts, and Social Influences impacts on the verities of drinking behaviour descriptions. Moreover, the research article aims to investigate the situation of drinking alcohol in Phayao province in the dimension of women and family. This research studies trough Qualitative Methodology in the literature review pattern from concepts, theories, and research documents related drinking alcohol and women discourse. The result of the study analyse, synthesize, and discus through the conceptual framework of “Discourse Analysis” by Michel Foucault to investigate as the objective. To summarise, the study result was presented that the situation of drinking alcohol in Phayo province from number one in Thailand was campaigned with the regulations, rules and projects in the period of 1997 and so on. These have been reduced the statistics of drinking alcohol by government empowerment. Therefore, the meaning of drinking alcohol was constructed in the different dimensions from the past and

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  • YEAR: 2019
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